Resident parking

Free parking permits for Fremantle residents

Residents of Fremantle can apply for free parking permit which allows free parking within the Fremantle CBD, Monday to Friday between 9.00–11.00 am and 3.00 pm–1.00 am. All day parking is also available on Saturdays and Sundays in Car Park 12B (Beach Street). See the conditions of use.

Residential paid parking permits

If you are a resident or a ratepayer living in either a time restricted or fee-paying area and do not have adequate off-street parking, you may be eligible for a residential parking permit. If you live in a group of units, permits can be issued subject to approval if there are less than 9 units in the residential complex i.e. no permits will be issued to a residential complex that has 9 or more units. Download an application form or contact customer service centre on 9432 9999.

For further information on residents parking go to the resident parking FAQs page.

Contact us

Customer service centre
Town Hall Centre
8 William Street
T 08 9432 9999
F 08 9430 4634

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