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Where to find parking in Fremantle

Parking map

For details on where to park, refer to the parking map.

Parking smartphone application

You can also download the free City of Fremantle parking smartphone application for details on where to park and parking restrictions.

City of Fremantle iphone parking application

Free parking

  • First hour free parking at Queensgate car park  (7 days between 7.00 am and 5.00 pm with a ticket displayed).
  • First hour free parking at Parry Street car park (7 days between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm with a ticket displayed).
  • First hour free parking at Beach Street 12(a) car park (7 days between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm with a ticket displayed)
  • 30 minute free parking in High Street (west of Market Street)
  • 30 minute free parking in Adelaide Street (between Parry and Queen Street)

Short term parking

  • Metered parking with time limits (15 minutes, 30 minute and 1 hour) are available in high demand locations
  • 30 minute free parking in High Street (west of Market Street)
  • Over 1 000 on-street car parking bays outside banks, post office and stores in the CBD.

Medium term parking

  • Queensgate car park has 850 car bays in the heart of the city.

Long term parking

  • Cheaper long term parking options located on the fringes of the CBD (Beach Street, Ellen Street and Parry Street car parks)

Accessible (ACROD) parking

  •  For a list of accessible parking in and around Fremantle click here 

How to pay for parking

Instructions on how to purchase a ticket are indicated on the parking machines nearest to your parking area. Penalties apply for illegal parking.

Monthly tickets

Advanced purchase monthly parking tickets are available for use in several City car parks including Queensgate. General purpose monthly tickets covering both street and car parks are also available. Monthly tickets are available by contacting parking services on 08 9432 9999. See car park fee schedule for the costs of monthly parking tickets.

CellOPark application

Parking tickets for all street and open-air paid parking bays managed by the City of Fremantle can be paid through a CellOPark smartphone application. Motorists must install a free app (native on Apple iOS and Google Android) on their smartphone to access the service, which requires the registration of vehicle, phone and payment details to create an account. Parking sessions commence by selecting the parking zone and pressing ‘START’ or pointing the phone’s camera at a QR code on CellOPark zone signage to pay for the exact parking time. This is a paperless service where no physical ticket is required on display and users only pay for the exact time their vehicle is parked. This service is not available in the Queensgate parking complex, free parking areas and privately operated car parks. Please read the parking signs for clarification.

Reserved parking bays (Hood hires)

Reservation of parking bays is available for work purposes or special occasions such as weddings or events. Hood hire (paying for a bay/s for half or the whole day) can be arranged by the City customer service centre. A hood hire permit must be displayed inside the vehicle. The costs of permits are in the hood hire fee schedule.

Parking options

Motorbike parking

Motorbike bays are located around the City and are free of charge. They may have time restrictions - refer to the displayed signs. Motorbikes are permitted to park in car bays, however applicable parking fees must be paid and stated time limits apply. When purchasing a ticket to park your motorbike in a car bay, we suggest that you retain the tear-off section of the ticket so that proof of purchase can be provided should an infringement be issued due to the ticket having blown away or been removed.

Electric vehicles

Two parking bays are available for exclusive electric vehicle use at the Queensgate Carpark. Electric vehicles parked in these bays will receive free parking and free electricity for up to 12 hours. 

ACROD parking

Visit the ACROD parking page.

Tour coach parking

Download the tour coach parking map for suitable parking locations.

Cruise ship passenger parking

Visit the Cruise ship parking page.

Resident parking

Visit the Resident parking page.

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