2015 Fest-a-con - One Planet Anti-Conference


The One Planet Anti-Conference

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 October 2015

The One Planet Fest-a-Con kicks off with a two-day opportunity to immerse yourself in learning. It’s joyful, a bit cheeky, and brings people together to share and learn from each other. To understand and learn from other people’s sustainability issues, ideas and achievements. The One Planet Anti-Conference brings local, national and international sustainability innovators and change makers to your doorstep, and lets you become your own sustainability expert (or novice). 

The City of Fremantle wants to see its One Planet program inspire transformation across Fremantle, Perth and Western Australia. You can see more about our One Planet Program here: www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/OnePlanet

In particular, if you come along to the One Planet Anti-Conference, you can:

  • Take inspiration from ethical and sustainable businesses, industries, experts and colleagues. See just how easy it is to make the little changes to your life that will make a big difference.
  • Let yourself try on new ideas, inspiration and skills to see where it takes you on your sustainability journey.
  • Learn how to use a bit less water, energy and waste at home, at work and in your street.
  • Learn more about the challenges to One Planet living, and how you can personally catalyse change.

What you can expect from this year’s One Planet Anti-Conference

  • Internationally respected Keynote Speakers.
  • Nationally and locally respected presenters, facilitators, debaters, Masterclass speakers and sustainability experts.
  • Energetic ‘mock’ debates relating to current topics with open discussion on possible issues and solutions – and the opportunity for delegates to interact anonymously via the conference app.
  • The opportunity to share experience and knowledge with peers on previous achievements and successes and future sustainability visioning.
  • Information on regulatory frameworks and current national and international trends, as well as innovations, opportunities and new ideas.
  • Gain an understanding of how 'business as usual' behaviours impact on the planet and analysing options for improvement.
  • A relaxed setting to interact with the long stayers and new players in the industry.
  • Two incredible, fun evening social functions to further enhance networking opportunities.

Confirmed keynote speakers


Location: The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Tickets available from: events.ticketbooth.com.au/events/21607

Conference Program: Anti-Conference Program FINAL.pdf

Conference format and logistics: Anti-Conference format and logistics

Please note: conference program and speakers list subject to change.

Download the One Planet Fest-a-Con app - for all your Fest-a-Con info, events and programs - including the full Anti-Conference program, speakers lists and bios, as well as bus tour maps, film festival programs and much more! Available from Google Play & Apple iStores now!

The One Planet Fest-a-Con

The One-Planet Fest-a-Con promises to transform. Part festival, part film festival and part conference, Fest-a-Con brings together all of the sustainability knowledge that you need to change your life and the lives of people around you. The inaugural 2015 Fest-a-Con is presented by the City of Fremantle, and will take place from 23 October to 8th November as part of the annual Fremantle Festival. It brings a twist of sustainability through the Fremantle Festival program. A community twist. A twist that sees you move between talks, events, competitions, exhibitions, children’s activities, stalls and workshops.

Full program details can be found here: One Planet Fest-a-Con

The One Planet International Environmental Film Festival

In a WA first the One Planet Fest-a-Con will also host a major International Environmental film festival, to be launched Friday 30th of October. The festival will run until 10pm Sunday November 1st and will show a variety of incredible documentaries and feature films from across the globe, with all films touching on the One Planet sustainability principles. Eminent speakers, Directors and sustainability practitioners will join us at the festival. 

Please join us for the launch of the festival from 6pm, at the Drill Hall & Courtyard, The University of Notre Dame for a screening of 'Racing to Zero' - an exciting film about how the City of San Francisco is racing towards its zero waste target. The film will be introduced by Director Christopher Beaver, and you will enjoy delicious canapes, live music, speakers and conversation to 10pm.

Download your program here: (OCT) Environmental-film-festival-program FINAL.pdf

Grab your tickets here: http://www.fremantlestory.com.au/your-story/event-festivals/festivals/one-planet-fest-a-con/events/one-planet-film-festival.html 


For more information catch City of Fremantle Sustainability Coordinator: