Environmental health and wellbeing

The range of health and wellbeing services delivered by local government help to establish many of the necessary conditions upon which good health and wellbeing is dependant. Whether it is waste collection, urban planning, road maintenance, local government health services or the provision of aquatic centres and gymnasiums; the functions performed by local government either directly or indirectly have a significant bearing on the health and wellbeing of the community.

Healthy lifestyles

Environmental health

Environmental health is a vital branch of public health concerned with aspects of both the natural and built environment that could potentially affect human health. The field of environmental health aims to create a safe environment for people to enjoy life.

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Environmental Health Officers

The City of Fremantle Environmental Health Services team, in accordance with statutory obligations and council policies and procedures; ensures a high standard of environmental and public health is maintained throughout the City. Environmental health services work closely with state departments including Department of Health (DoH) and Department of Environment Regulation (DER) to uphold and advance good environmental practices and human health. 

The video below highlights the role of environmental health officers in local government. It was developed by the Environmental Health Association (EHA).

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