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Prepare your tender on timeHow to prepare your tender

After you have downloaded all of the tender documentation:

  • take the time to read through it carefully
  • ensure that you understand the requirements
  • complete the offer in all respects and attach all your attachments
  • make sure you have signed the offer form
  • ensure that you have responded to all of the selection criteria
  • lodge your tender before the deadline.

Selection criteria

The tender documentation will state the selection criteria that you are required to respond to. The tender who best demonstrates their ability to meet the criteria and their ability to carry out the service or provide goods may be awarded the contract.

There are two types of selection criteria:

  1. compliance
  2. qualitative

It is essential that tenderers address all criteria.


The City of Fremantle has a sustainable procurement policy ensuring products and services are socially and environmentally responsible.

The types of products and services include:

  • general office consumables
  • utilities (e.g. energy including renewable energy, treated grey water)
  • equipment (excluding plant equipment already covered by our alternative and sustainable fuels policy and motor vehicle policy)
  • cleaning products and services
  • construction and maintenance products and services
  • catering (food) products and services
  • any other product and service deemed potentially harmful to the environment if not used or purchased in accordance with this policy.

The evaluation process

All tenders will be evaluated according to the information provided in the evaluation methodology section in the tender documentation.

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