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Senior officers at the City of Fremantle and WA Police are currently working together in partnership; focusing on crime prevention and a reduction in anti-social behaviour by providing an active surveillance presence, effective communication and striving for early intervention to resolve incidents. 

The City of Fremantle continues to deliver community safety services to enhance the attractiveness of Fremantle as a tourist, commercial and residential destination. Initiatives include CCTV monitoring, CBD safety and liaison officer patrols and collaborating with WA Police.

The City recognizes the community’s desire for the Fremantle CBD to be a safe, attractive, welcoming, vibrant and family friendly place and established a Community Safety Working Group to address community concerns revealed in the 2015 community perceptions survey. The working group is comprised of:

  • Fremantle Mayor and councillors
  • City of Fremantle staff
  • Fremantle Police
  • St Patrick's Community Support Centre

The group is aware of the community’s heightened expectation for a stronger and less tolerant approach by the WA Police and City of Fremantle staff to criminal, anti-social and nuisance behaviour, particularly in the Fremantle CBD and are currently developing the City of Fremantle Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan 2016-2020 to be endorsed by council in 2016.

In October 2015, council approved the City of Fremantle Community Safety & Crime Prevention – New Initiatives 2015–16 which will form part of the impending 2016-2020 plan. Read more about the initiatives and working group.

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Eyes on the Street

The City of Fremantle is an active partner in the Eyes on the Street initiative, a coordinated intelligence gathering program which encourages state government agencies, local governments and businesses to identify and record suspicious behaviour and report it to police. The program aims to establish partnerships between the Office of Crime Prevention, Western Australian Police and organisations whose workers spend their days on the streets and are therefore in the best position to witness and report suspicious or criminal activity.

Eyes on the Street increases police intelligence about goings-on in the local area and the high visibility of members' branded vehicles helps deter crime.

There are currently 172 Eyes on the Street partners, including:

  • major shopping centres
  • local governments including the City of Fremantle
  • educational institutions
  • government agencies/departments
  • industry bodies.     

Closed Circuit Television

The City has installed CCTV cameras which are monitored over the busiest periods of the day and night. The network allows monitoring staff to alert police, Nyoongar Patrol and a range of other services to incidents of antisocial behaviour as they occur, allowing them to respond before the incident escalates. The footage recorded by the CCTV cameras may also be used as evidence in the prosecution of offenders by police and the City. Over the next few years the City is intending to expand its existing CCTV network to cover more of the CBD.

The City also has a mobile CCTV unit that can be placed in identified hotspots or be used at special events. View the locations of the CCTV cameras.

Nyoongar Patrol

Nyoongar Patrol (also known as Walyup Mort), is partly funded by the City of Fremantle and performs a vital role in reducing anti-social behavior on our streets. The Nyoongar Patrol aims to reduce negative interaction and conflict between indigenous people with law enforcement agencies using mediation skills. The patrol provides free transportation out of the City to those that require it and offers referrals to other agencies when needed. They also deliver social and welfare services to indigenous people who are homeless, affected by substances, display anti-social behaviour, are a risk to themselves and the general community.

Patrol times are:
Monday to Thursday: 11.30 am-6.30 pm
Friday and Saturday: 8.30 pm-3.30 am.

To contact the Nyoongar Patrol phone 0405 307 132.


WA Police and Neighbourhood Watch WA have partnered to deliver ewatch, an online local community safety initiative. Ewatch is an email based system that connects residents to their local police and council. Residents who join ewatch recieve regular email updates on crime trends and statistics, safety initiatives, emerging issues and events that are specific to their area. For more information and to join, please go to

CBD Safety and Liaison Officers

The patrol consists of two trained CBD safety and liaison officers in the city centre from Monday to Sunday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. The officers are patrolling the city centre on foot and in a random pattern, with particular attention being given to areas where anti-social activity is known to occur. The role of the safety and liaison officers includes establishing and maintaining contact with the business community in the city centre, responding to calls from the business community when anti-social behaviour has been identified, acting as a deterrent to truancy, escorting city workers to their vehicles and liaising with local police and the Nyoongar Patrol as necessary.

The officers have held similar roles in the past and have also undergone extensive training specific to their role in Fremantle. To contact the officers for assistance, local businesses can call either 0417 512 076 or 0408 919 412.

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