Cruise ship information

The City of Fremantle will update cruise ship information as it becomes available, generally only up to 48 hours before ships berth at the port. 

Please note the arrival and departure times are subject to change. For the latest information call the Fremantle Port Cruise Ship Information Line on 08 9430 3335. For a full list of cruise ships expected in Fremantle this season visit the Fremantle Ports website.

For more information on cruise ships, or the cruise shipping industry, contact Economic Development and Marketing using the details at the bottom of this page.

Cruise ship arrivals

Tuesday 9 February 


Arrival time: 7.00 am
Departure time: 2.00 pm Wednesday 10 February
Total passengers: 352
Disembarking passengers: N/A transit service 
Embarking passengers: N/A transit service
Last port of call: Rodrigues Island, Mauritius
Next port of call: Albany

This is a transit service with guests able to explore Fremantle and Perth for the duration of the ships berth in Fremantle. 
The Passenger Terminal will be closed to the public for the ships arrival.

Friday 12 February 

Queen Elizabeth

Arrival time: 6.00 am
Departure time: 11.30 pm 
Total passengers: 1 173
Disembarking passengers: N/A transit service
Embarking passengers: N/A transit service
Last port of call: Mauritius
Next port of call: Adelaide

The passenger terminal will remain open to the public. Fremantle Visitor Centre staff will be providing visitor information at the passenger terminal from 8.00 am–12.00 midday.

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